South Africa's Best Isuzu and Best Opel Dealer
    * Key is an equal opportunity company
    * We provide a modern, professional and safe work environment
    * We are a private company with a 35 year track record of integrity and professionalism
    * We provide our employees with world class training and development
    * Performance management and career development planning takes place on an on-going 6 month cycle.
    * We offer competitive performance enhanced salary packages
    * Eligible employees at Key are provided with a wide range of benefit programmes including:
          o Provident Fund Plans
          o Medical Aid Subsidy
          o Relocation Assistance
          o Tool Assistance
          o Uniform Assistance and Safety Wear
          o Generous Leave Benefits
          o Employee Discounts
          o Educational Assistance
    * We encourage a promotion from within policy
    * Long service is recognised with our Keytopian Long Service Club